Function introduction

Equipment can be used to work on the production line,to detect defect like foreign body, lack of edge, lack of glue, scratch etc, to complete detection and effectively rejecting.
Technical description
Imported high resolution cameras complete the rapid processing of the image.
Low power consumed, high efficiency LED illuminant, make high quality detection image.太阳城网上娱乐网址
Easy to operate
Detection capacity: 1500 cover / min
Equipment power: 2000W
Equipment voltage: 380V
Theoretical precision: 0.1 mm/pixel
Equipment advantages
Cover on-line detector is divided into single camera type, several cameras type, high speed type, etc. Can meet the different price and precision requirements of customers.www2007com
Customized solutions according to the customer's detail requirements.
Small in occupation and convenient in assembly, integrated into the production line design, effectively improves the production efficiency and automatic level.